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The Human Nervous System is the Finest, the Most Intricate, Exquisite and Sophisticated Musical Instrument in The Universe.

 You can't master a Stradivarius Violin by taking a weekend seminar so why should mastering your mind/body/spirit be any different?  Anything worth doing takes time, dedication, patience, commitment and perseverance and is there anything more worth doing than taking responsibility for your own personal evolution?

Beyond Me is a film about beginning to learn to master your own nervous system.

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There is an expression in the english language that says "A Leopard can never change it's spots" and it simply means that people are born the way they are and they can't or won't change. But is this true?  Beyond Me examines the link between traits and tenancies in humans & animal instincts and provides a life affirming and empowering answer to the question, do we each have the ability to make deep, lasting, meaningful changes at our core?  

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