What would you say if I told you Jesus of Nazareth trained for 18 years in India from the ages of 12-30 and traveled back to India to live out his life to be around 100 years old?  Beyond Belief?  Watch the film and draw your own conclusions. 

Anthropology is the science of studying ourselves across all of human history in a comprehensive analysis of the complexities of cultures, past and present, to help us come to an understanding of our place in the Universe.

Spiritual Anthropology is the science of drawing and building upon knowledge from within all the spiritual teachings of the planet, utilizing social and biological sciences as well as physical sciences and the humanities to help us come to an understanding of our existence as spiritual beings.  

Beyond Belief examines the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, within the context of Spiritual Anthropology, in an attempt to expand our worldview on what spirituality really means.  When we examine the Bible as part of a process that is more inclusive of all the great spiritual traditions on our planet, the results enrich and enhance the teachings of Christ and give them much deeper and profound meaning.

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