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W H A T  I S  L I F E?

"Life IS

so love the one you got"

Bradley Nowell
(February 22, 1968- May 25, 1996)

Life IS Energy
Energy can never be created 
Energy can never be destroyed

Life IS Eternal
We were never born
We will never die

Life IS Love

The Human Body exists at the Intersection
of the Form and the Formless
of the Finite and the Infinite

Experiencing Love
As Love
Through Love

Experiencing The Self
As The Self
Through The Self

Meditation happens
When Seeing,
The Seen,
And the Seer 
All Merge into One

The four films available exclusively on this website are my modest attempt to share with you some of the things I've learned in this lifetime. I cordially invite you to join me in an exploration into the gift of human consciousness. 

I'm an amateur filmmaker with no formal training or background so please forgive the low production value of these films but rather look beyond that to discover the deeper meaning and the higher truths embedded within.  I happen to find film to be the most powerful medium to share these ideas and so I would be humbled if you would honor my personal request to consider immersing yourself in them. 

They were made just for you.

Frank Huguenard




Please be sure to share with your friends and kindly consider making a modest donation.  These films cost a significant amount of money to produce and there are many more in the pipeline that could benefit from your kindness & generosity.  The Physics of The Soul is the first film in a ten part series focusing on Healing & Consciousness from a scientific perspective.

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